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Latinx Heritage Month!

As an Argentinian artist, I am pleased to honor the culture, history, and contributions of Hispanic and Latin Americans. 

I believe our region is full of joy, rhythm and celebration and I love representing the diverse and nuanced Hispanic and Latine experience in a positive, energetic and empowering way by using subtle textures, organic shapes and bright color palettes, full of energy, joy and movement.

I'd love to be considered for future Latinx projects!

Please find below some related work, a few process stories and a bit of my family ❤️

In 2022 I was commissioned by Sephora to create the Hispanic Heritage Month campaign!Also, here's a video showing a bit of my process behind the artwork!

This piece was awarded by The Society of Illustrators into the Advertising category; it received an Award of Excellence by Communication Arts 2023 and it was CHOSEN winner for American Illustration 42.

Instagram stickers

I created the stickers for Instagram that run from one month all over the world!I proposed 28 concepts and the team ended up picking these three.

Sephora - HHM


Editorial illustration to feature the article titled How To Find A Therapist Who Focuses On Latine Mental Health

Read it here!


Case studies

Some sketches for a personal project exploring the subject matter :)

Target x Sol Cotti

I am over to moon to have been hired by Target to create a limited edition fashion collection for 2023 HHM! These are the designs for the collection... STAY TUNED! 

The New York Times

Editorial illustration for The New York Times Book Review, featuring the book Neruda On The Park. 

This Dominican American family at the center of this debut lives in a New York City neighborhood threatened by luxury condominiums and high-rises.

This piece was awarded by The Society of Illustrators into the Editorial category :)

Read the article here!

Cartoon Network

In 2021, I worked on the campaign Drawn To RYTHM to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month that was on air and all over social media.


Our abuelas (grandmothers) are so important in the Latinx community ❤️ We love them!


This is my beloved abuela, Blugui, when I was 2 years old at the park with my mom too xx

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